About Us

The Box Factory is a division of G&R Publishing Co. Initially the company specialized in producing model boxes for orthodontists nationwide and cutlery boxes for RADA Mfg. Co. Over the years, with increasing capabilities and efficiencies, The Box Factory has been able to serve to a variety of industries. The Box Factory now produces boxes for software, games, stationery, greeting cards, crafts, candy, books, gift items and much more. These boxes are manufactured for companies around the globe.

"I have placed many of my clients' orders with The Box Factory and all have been produced satisfactorily and on time. And sometimes, G&R hasn't been given a lot of time to get the job done! I am proud of my association with G&R Publishing/The Box Factory. They are not the biggest company in the print & box business, but they sure strive to be the best"

Paul Smith, President of McSmith Package & Display